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We currently have 6 senior horses who require timothy grass pellet mash, senior grain, and supplements. When you sponsor a senior for $100 a month, which covers their feed, you receive a packet with a photo and a description of the equine you’re sponsoring and regular monthly updates. If you’re local, we invite and encourage you to come visit and spend time with “your” horse. If you’re not local, we will share info via email about your horse, and keep you in the loop – and of course, you’re always welcome to visit too!

Sponsoring a senior improves the quality of their life, and often extends it.  Some of our seniors, however, have pre-existing health concerns (like Lily and Eclipse) and may pass. It can be hard for people because we all get attached. Horses don’t like it when we’re in a state of fear, so we practice raising our vibration to a state of Love. They can be our teachers in letting go. Death is a part of life. Senior horses attract a special kind of person.

If you’d like to sponsor a horse, but not a senior, please check out our “Happy Rascals” page.

Jacob - Sponsored!

Sweet Jacob has been with us for five years now. The man who owned him in the neighboring pasture was going to let him go because he needed more TLC…we have taken him in and provided that. With a tattoo inside his lip, he’s identifiable as a retired race horse. We’re looking for a sponsor for him to help keep his pellet Senior diet up.

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I am a 35 year old retired race horse. When my previous owner was going to turn me out in the Bosque to fend for myself, Happy Rascal Ranch took me in. Although I am somewhat of a star, since my appearance in the documentary Sacred Land Sacred Water, I remain a humble horse. I am sensitive. I enjoy giving back to those who help me. I am always there with a gentle nudge to remind people to slow down and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Eclipse & Lily

RIP Eclipse (L) with her daughter Lily (R). We truly appreciate all who sponsored and showed love to these special mares. They had it hard but we were happy to help them till the end.

As their person’s health went downhill, so did the care they received and ultimately they ended up being neglected. We inherited these two plus one other and they were in very rough shape.

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 The gelding, Peepers, passed away last year, but these two girls are hanging in there. Eclipse is blind and Lily has laminitis. They both need a sponsor to help keep up with their senior diet.

Eclipse (L): I am an 18 year old Appaloosa mare. Our person died a few years ago and Happy Rascal Ranch took us in. I lost my sight, being white and vulnerable to the sun. Despite my loss of vision I am able to navigate my everyday world with the help of my daughter, Lily. What I cannot see I feel with my other senses and my heart.

Lily (R): I am an Arabian Appaloosa mare in my teens. My nature is quiet, trustworthy, and dependable. Despite my own physical ailments (I am prone to laminitis), I am a devoted daughter to my mother, Eclipse, who has lost her vision. She’s the main reason I’m still here. In other words, I am a mature mare you can count on. If you need a shoulder to lean on once in a while I am the girl for you. We love it here, as we are safe in our corral, yet can witness everything that’s going on at the ranch, and a lot goes on! We appreciate help with our special feed needs and would love for you to visit our beautiful home.


I am a sturdy, rideable 20 year old quarter horse. My weight started dropping so they put me in with the seniors, which I thoroughly enjoy, as food is my favorite. I have herded cattle out of these mountains. I ground tie. I let people open gates while on my back. I stop to eat on trail rides to steal bites of weeds, and trot to catch back up. Hold on, I’m coming, as the song goes.
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I am gregarious and love giving and receiving affection. Being the adventurous type, I enjoy being out on the trail with any human companion, and another horse of course!

Picture of Bonito with her sponsor:

Leo – Sponsored!

I’m a 20 year old gelding. I used to be a roping horse, but got too old to do it. I was very thin when I came here, but now I am plump. I love being with Jacob. We share a special bond in our old age. He knows I am a straight shooter, dedicated to those who befriend me. I am grateful for all acts of kindness that come my way.


I am a 20 year old black Tennessee Walker. I had been a child’s show horse for the Dixon family in Cochiti Canyon. I lived with them on their property well known for its apple orchard. Unfortunately a fire raged in the hillsides above us. We were lucky, they got me and my buddy out safely and took us to the Larranaga Ranch in Pena Blanca. Sally came and took me for a test ride and we got along famously, so that’s how I came to live at Happy Rascal Ranch.

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When Clea came to visit I licked her hand for a long time, and of course she fell in love with me. So I became her riding horse. We have enjoyed rides along the ditch, down by the Rio Grande, up the arroyo, and into the hills. When my good friend Cimmaron, Sallys riding horse passed away, Sally began to ride me more. They say I’m a dream to ride. I am the alpha of the domestic herd and I like to push everybody around. Now that I am 20, apparently I need to be on the senior diet. So I greatly appreciate you sponsoring me to pay for my feed because food is one of my favorite things 🙂

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