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Are your horses for adoption?

No. We are giving these horses – horses that for the most part were discarded and unappreciated, or even seen as a nuisance – a forever home and sanctuary. If we were to find the right person for a certain horse or two we’d be open to it, but that is not our goal or objective.

How many do you have?

This is our least favorite question because when we answer we sound crazy, and the numbers are not usually the same. We do not intend to take in new equines, but realistically, it does happen. We also have seniors and rescues, so their health is not always the best, so we have lost some over the years. Right now we have 53 between our 2 locations. 

Can we ride horses?

Currently, we have very few riding horses. We can do rides with a few people; mostly we will take kids on hand-led rides around the pasture or down the road and along the ditch. We feel that there are so many things you can do with horses other than ride them and we want to embrace that opportunity!

Do you ever need volunteers?

Yes! We need help to unload hay, to help groom and love them, to shovel manure, to mend fences, you name it. We do not have a strict volunteer program. We are adaptable and go with the flow. We say yes when the help is offered, and we ask for it if we really need it.

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