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Meet our beloved herd of Happy Rascals in Pena Blanca New Mexico (there’s even more “happy rascals” in Placitias that we will introduce soon, too!).



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A 20 year old Black Tennessee Walker who survived the fire at the Dixon Apple Orchard. He came to us through a local horse trader. He was a child’s show horse. He is the alpha horse of the domestic herd and likes to push everybody around. He’s a dream to ride.

Tucker is one of our senior horses – you can meet the rest of our senior “happy rascals” here.



A hardy little pinto. She was released into the Bosque because she was an unsuitable mount for a child. She is a horse who picks her people and likes to dance with her handlers.

La Sora

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A feisty quarter horse for an experienced rider. We were boarding her, and the owner did not return. We adopted her out to a friend where she spent some time in Jemez being ridden but came back to us because she was escaping due to loneliness for other horses.


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She’s many people’s favorite, because she’s a lover! At six years old she’s one of our younger domestic horses. We purchased her to help her out, as well as a friend. She is full of personality, and is at the forefront of any visit.


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A younger mare who was once wild, but found herself being kept in a very small enclosure in a locals back yard. She was the skinniest horse we’ve ever taken in. She has blossomed in her new found freedom. Like Cinnamon, she is a horse who is interested in all guests.



Pumpkin is a mini chestnut horse. She was found with a halter and a lead rope, fending for herself, hooves so long she could barely walk. She is now happy, healthy and acclimated with the herd. She is Tucker’s special buddy. She is small but she gets big when the ferrier comes to work on her feet. She’s spunky and not easy to catch.



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He’s our movie star. He’s famous for his role in two movies and was the star of Las Posadas in Pena Blanca for 4 years. Carrying Mary, led by Joseph, throughout the town and to the church. He’s an attention hog, and does not like dogs in his pasture.

Mocha and Dusty

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Mocha (left), an old Jenny, is the matriarch of the tribe. She was bred many times before we got her due to her unique coloring. She has been enjoying her retirement with us since 2013. Dusty (right) is Mocha’s sidekick and they have been together for years before we got them. Even the horse trader would not let them be separated, their bond was so tight. She used to be shy, but now picks the people she likes to nuzzle.

Filamena and Pancha


Filamena (front) is a mini donkey. Her large eyes and friendly disposition captivate her new friends. Pancha (back) is a chocolate colored Mini Donkey. She is Filomena’s sidekick. They can often be seen nibbling on each other’s whiters, which is called mutual grooming. They are a team when it comes to meeting people. This inseparable pair came from Junior the local horse trader, and even he understood that they could not be separated.


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Dolly is an older donkey who’s been around the state a bit, at least Dulce and Espanola. Her previous owner would go out to feed her carrying a 2×4 to protect herself because she said she was a kicker. It took a while, but she is integrated in the donkey tribe, and totally trustworthy. She too enjoys meeting our visitors.

Polly and Puck

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These two are wild mini mules purchased at an auction and are about as tame as the local coyotes. They protect the herd by galloping the fence line if they detect a predator in the area. Mostly wild, we managed to get the halter off of him, and her overgrown hooves trimmed.

Photo copyright Lynne Pomeranz Photography.

Horses once wild in Placitas, New Mexico

The Garden Band

This group of horses was one of the free roaming bands of mustangs that were rounded up in Placitas in 2014. We named them the garden band because when they were in the wild they showed up for a visit when we were planting Cleas first garden at her new home after returning to New Mexico. We honor and respect the lives, families and connections these horses have with each other. We observe their social structure and allow them the freedom to express it.

The 3 Bachelors

Buddy, Diamond and Sarge were free roaming young stallions who used to frequently visit Clea’s home. They were rounded up in the community, picked up by the Livestock board, taken to Springer, gelded and microchipped and put on the estray for auction website. We bought them back and since then they have resided on twelve acres and are happy and safe.

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