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This grassroots mother-and-daughter-founded sanctuary is held together by community and an unwavering passion for animals.

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Our Story

Clea G. Hall​ and her mother Sally G. Hall were on the forefront of wild horse rescue when things were at their ugliest point in Placitas New Mexico. They have saved multiple herds of wild horses who were rounded up by locals, picked up by the livestock board, and put up for auction. They have offered sanctuary to many equines. Horses (both domestic and once wild), donkeys, mini donkeys, mini mules. This includes seniors and ones with special needs (whose owners became sick and passed away.) Many of their rescues had been neglected and now have a forever home, safe pasture to roam, full bellies, and unconditional love.

This non profit corporation was formed specifically and primarily for the purpose of providing a sanctuary and forever home for horses once wild in Placitas, NM and rescued equines, with an emphasis on natural herd dynamics. In addition, to offer an opportunity for experiential learning and transforming through connecting with the herd in nature.

If you are accustomed to donating to animal welfare causes and truly want to see the result of your efforts, please consider Happy Rascal Ranch. Sponsoring one of our “happy rascals” means you can see a direct impact.

Our Mission

Happy Rascal Ranch began because animals needed a place to go! A visit here is an immersion in equine culture. We have family bands of mustangs that were originally Wild, with young, middle aged, and older horses, rescued senior horses, donkeys, and mini donkeys & mules. The ranch is a sanctuary for the people who visit it as well as the animals who live there. Set against the eastern side of the Jemez Mountains, the equines have the best view in Pena Blanca. Our vision is to unite humans and animals in nature, being fully present in the moment, disconnecting from technology and reconnecting through common bonds.

About Sally

For 30 years, Sally has operated a local business, High and Dry Landscapes, which utilizes native plants and the principles of permaculture in New Mexico. She is an artist who has focused on painting local landscapes and more recently the sanctuary scapes and the horses. Upon moving to Pena Blanca in 2000 she partnered with PACA rescue, and has fostered and rehomed about 100 dogs helping them find forever homes. She finds her joy in connecting with the earth and the animals, doing her art, and sharing this opportunity with others. Please click here to view some of Sally’s artwork available for purchase.

About Clea

Clea is certified as a holistic horse trainer through Reach Out to Horses®, embracing natural horsemanship methods and the language of the horse. She is an advanced practitioner and a teacher of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ (CCT Healing), a energy healing modality. She is an essential oil educator and Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, and uses essential oils in her work with animals and people. She compliments it all with her skilled and inspired photography. Clea has worked at the local Cafe and Bistro for five years.  This has been a great opportunity to get to know the community and for them to get to know her and about Happy Rascal Ranch.

Story Behind The Name

Clea cared for Sally’s mother, Euphemia (she preferred to be called Micky, and the grandkids called her Mimi), for the last 7 years of her life in upstate New York. Clea came back to her home town of Placitas, New Mexico after Mimi passed away from dementia.

The wild free roaming horses greeted her at her new Dome home, and on her walks and drives. Horses were a common bond and love amongst the Halls. Mimis father was a horseman, she was a horsewoman, and she always had Clea and Sally ride horses as young girls.

Mimi had a horse when she in her late teens and she named him Happy Rascal. She loved him and horses in general so much, and passed that love down the family tree. When she passed away, Clea and Sally received inheritance money. As the wild horses began to get rounded up, Clea and Sally naturally got involved and wanted to help them. So, it was with that inheritance money that they began what has now become known as Happy Rascal Ranch, in loving memory of Mimi and her first horse Happy Rascal.

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