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We’re thankful for the support we receive from the community and everyone that contributes their time, resources, and funds to Happy Rascal Ranch. This page is dedicated to showing our gratitude.

THANK YOU to farmer Dave who drives 4-hours in each direction from Colorado to bring us hay. We are blessed to have him. During the drought, when he could farm less than half of his normal crop, we were not able to get hay from him for a year. We had to get hay from other people, for much more money, and it was a very rough and stressful year. He is a God send and we’re thankful for him!

THANK YOU to the friends and volunteers who help us unload and stack hay in the barn each month. We receive 300 bails a month and it takes about an hour to unload.

THANK YOU to all of the artists who have donated their work!

Lynne Pomeranz

La Prenda Studio |

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